Training: Creating a Safe-to-fail Environment

In short:

  • Interactive practical training.
  • One day, possibility for a recap afternoon.
  • Lear how to create an environment with Psychological safety.
  • For leaders in all layers of an organisation.
  • Training material is in English.
  • Training can be Dutch or English.
  • Online or on location.

You may have heard about it: Google says it; Harvard Professor of Leadership and Management, Amy C. Edmondsons says it: psychological safety in teams is crucial.

That’s fine, bu what does it mean exactly? How does a leader creates an environment where teams feel safe to speak up. To experiment. To fail?

In this course we will give you a taste of psychological safety. The course is for all levels of knowlede. We will show you what you can do to create a safe-to-fail environment. Libarating Structures like Visualisation and Movement are designed to create more psychological safety in your organisation. These exercises are based on Amy Edmondsons book: “The Fearless Organization”.

After the course you will receive a practical hand-out which will help you to apply what you learned in practice.

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