How can we help you?


Our consultants are ready to help you and your organization to discover the power of Agile.

  • You are new to Agile and you are unsure how it can help you.
  • You don’t know how to apply Agile to an organization.
  • You have started working agile but it does not go how you have imagined it.

We have the skills and the knowledge to answer your questions about working Agile. Plus we can give you pointers so that you can continue your Agile journey by yourself.

Agile Quickscan

You have been working Agile for a while but you want to pick up speed? We can apply our Agile Quickscan to your organization. You will get quick tips and pointers to improve your Agile process.

Our consultants

Our specialists are a good solution to hire a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Coach for an amount of time. You will quickly have a specialist who has all the required knwoledge and competencies. Our specialists can coach and acompany a Scrum Team or they can coach your organization in the Agile transformation. Training or individuele coaching may also be one of the activities.


Coaching all aspects in an Agile transformation. That is what we do best. With a good Agile transformation it is important that everybody is on the same page. We coach Scrum Masters and Product Owners. It is important to have a good Agile coach because in the real world theory and preactice can be two very different things. At TMC Agile we have very eperienced coaches who know the power of Agile. We will guide you in finding solutions for your Agile challenges.


You can apply the power of Agile in different ways. Within TMC Agile we have several training courses for different roles and levels of expertise. Our trainers make sure that the training is an interactive experience. You will experience what the power of Agile can offer you and your organization. You will get the opportunity to apply it immediately. There will be enough room to discuss your situation and practical challenges. Check out our list of courses.


Do you want to check if you make optimal use of the power of Agile? We can check this with our Agile Quickscan. We will have a conversation with a number of questions and we will scan your organization in the way you use Agile. You will get tips and pointers that will help you get your organization to the next level of working with Agile.


Within TMC Agile we have a lot of knowlegde in different areas of Agile. We love to share our knowledge with others to spread the power of Agile. Besides speaking at events we share our knowledge at companies. Contact us discuss the possibilities.