Training: Scrum Master

In short:

  • Interactive practical training.
  • Two days, split into four modules.
  • Lear the Agile mindset and skills to apply Scrum.
  • Preparation for PSMI certification.
  • For starting Scrum Masters and people who work with Scrum Teams.
  • Training material is in English.
  • Training can be Dutch or English.
  • Possible on location.

Work with the power of Agile as a Scrum Master. That is what we want to teach you in this course. We offer a Scrum Master training course for people with a basic to average experience with Scrum.

You will learn the Agile mindset and the skills you need to apply Scrum. Every organisation is different, but if you master all parts of the Scrum framework you will be able to adapt. You will learn what works in what context.

Topics include the Agile Manifesto and principles, the Scrum values, the Scrum pillars & empiricism, Cynefin, Scrum roles, events and artifacts. For advanced groups we dive into coaching, mentoring, and facilitation techniques.

The course content is presented as an options board, giving participants control over the options. There is also time reserved to answer specific concerns or questions the participants have; these are collected on a parking lot.

The standard course consists of four modules. The ideal size of the group is between 8 and 16 participants.

Optionally we can prepare you for a PSM I or PSM II certification.

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